American General/AIG Life Insurance [2022 Review]


Yes, your preferred insurance provider is back in the mix. They go under the names American General and AIG Life Insurance (depending on where you live). They are still around and prepared to offer coverage for our generation even if they are no longer a Fortune 500 corporation.

The future? Maybe in the future we’ll be able to retire once more!

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AIG Life Insurance Reviews

The American International Group includes the life insurance provider AGL (American General Life Insurance Company). A worldwide insurance and finance company with operations in more than 80 countries, American International Group Inc.

Is AIG a reputable insurer?

I hope that as we discuss the AIG insurance ratings in this post, you will feel confident in the fact that AIG is a household name. United States Life Insurance (Life Insurance Company in the City of New York), AIG Direct, American General, and AIG are the names under which they do business.

I am aware that there are many perplexing names, which is why it is crucial to read the AIG life insurance reviews USA. Actually, American International is in charge of the financial commitments made by AIG brands.

Who Is American General Life Insurance

What kind of business is American General Life Insurance? With an A rating for financial strength, American General has been established for more than a century and a half and has always offered top-notch life insurance services.

American General proudly provides policies at competitive prices with excellent customer service to its millions of customers. American General also specialises in life insurance for people of all ages.

For instance, they provide relatively affordable prices for life insurance for people in their 20s and 30s.

Also, you can get life insurance while you’re in your middle years, when you’re over 50, and even when you’re an elderly person over 75.

Last but not least, AIG is a prominent provider of high-risk life insurance, including diabetes, epilepsy, and life insurance for people with multiple sclerosis. Moreover, after a DUI, special risk life insurance. All of these are benefits of the issuing insurance company being able to assume these risks.

Also, if you have any questions or simply want to modify your payment method, customer care is just a phone call away when an American General policy is issued.

AIG has top AIG reviews in addition to AIG direct reviews because it is available in every state and has features in their flagship products.

AIG, Life Insurance for all Generations

But you should never fall in love with the first insurance provider you look into.

Prior to making a choice, make sure you have carefully considered all of your options, compared prices and policies, as well as the ability to pay claims.

After all, there are several reputable life insurance providers out there, including

Life Insurance For PreExisting Medical Conditions

What about life insurance for individuals with pre-existing conditions?

First, American General, AIG, offers life insurance to people with treated blood pressure underwriting policies that are more forgiving. Also, they can tolerate life insurance premiums for treated cholesterol.

Also, they offer some of the best prices on life insurance for cigar and smokeless tobacco users.

Chronic Condition and Life Insurance

Last but not least, a life insurance policy may be rejected if the levels of these impairments are significantly higher than usual. Also, life insurance for cancer patients costs more if they receive therapy for less than five years. A guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy would make sense in particular circumstances.

How Reliable Is The American General Life Insurance Company

American General is well-known since they have been in business for such a long time and have amassed such a sizable customer.

The business has developed a solid reputation for its capacity to safeguard families’ financial stability. Also, they receive high ratings from the majority of rating organisations, which is a strong sign that they are, in fact, very trustworthy. The rating agency A.M. Best gives them an A for excellent.

AIG/American General

American General recently merged with AIG. They provide a wide range of life insurance products, including indexed universal life insurance and term life insurance. Are you curious about the cost of life insurance? Get a free estimate before deciding if it matches your budget. AIG is also extremely competitive with their $500,000 and $1,000,000 life insurance policies.

What services are provided by The American General Life Insurance Company?

  • Life Insurance, term— This essential type of life insurance, which just provides death benefit protection, is perfect for people on a tight budget or who don’t want to commit to permanent life insurance coverage. Up to a 30-year term policy is an option. Yet, the 20-year term life insurance policy is the most common.
  • Index Permanent Life Insurance There are numerous investment alternatives available with this insurance. For instance, there is the way of crediting interest. a well-liked option for people trying to put up some monetary value.
  • Universal life insurance An adaptable choice is universal life insurance. You can select the level of protection you desire as well as the premium amount with universal life insurance. One benefit of universal life insurance is that the premiums are tax-free because they are deposited straight into the cash-value account. Also, if you’re searching for a safety policy that will protect kids for the rest of their life, this is a wonderful fit.
  • Whole Life Insurance —The most common type of permanent life insurance is whole life. It’s rather easy; all you have to do is continue making your fixed premium payment, and your family will get it when you die away. The fact that your premium won’t increase even if your health deteriorates is one advantage of whole life insurance.
  • Variable Customized premiums and death benefits are offered by universal life insurance. There are additional chances for cash value investments.
  • Guaranteed Issue Whole Life InsuranceAssurance of Issuance Pre-existing condition coverage with whole life insurance. Remember that the death benefit on this policy is graded over two years. Your paid premiums + 10% will be given to your beneficiary if you pass away during the first 24 months from natural causes. Nonetheless, the entire death benefit will be paid if you pass away in an accident.

What Else Is There To Like About American General Life Insurance Company

In addition to death payments, a few of American General’s life insurance policies also include living benefits.

As the name implies, this means that, in an emergency, the money can be accessed while the policyholder is still alive.

Also, for those who are concerned about being overly financially committed in the event of a serious illness or injury, this is a huge selling feature.

What Does AIG Life Insurance Cover

American General offers people the chance to accumulate financial value, as was already indicated.

Go at the different kinds of insurance coverage that American General provides. Compare it to other life insurance providers in the market.

American General is unsurprising one of the top insurance providers in the world.

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Can I Borrow Money From My AIG Life Insurance Policy

You may be able to borrow money against the cash value of the insurance. AIG offers living benefits, allowing you to access the coverage if you develop a terminal illness. It could assist you in covering medical costs.

AIG Insurance Quote


In general, AIG offers some of the best term life insurance policies available. The AIG term life insurance reviews are even better than the excellent AIG insurance reviews USA.

An illustration of a 40-year-old healthy female with AIG is as follows:

Examples of quotations for a 40-year-old male with AIG who is healthy

AIG Life Insurance Underwriting Guidelines

AIG excels with their lax underwriting for customers with high-risk pre-existing diseases or health limitations. diseases including diabetes and heart disease, as well as certain lifestyle choices like marijuana use.

How Do I Contact AIG Life Insurance

Address and Phone Number for AIG Insurance

These are phone numbers for AIG claims and information on AIG life insurance policies:

Consumers of life insurance

Nashville, Tennessee 37230-5355, PO Box 305355. Contact Information: (800) 888-2452

American General Long Term Care Administration

See the information below if you have inquiries about your AIG life insurance payment or require assistance from a company representative: Also, PinnacleQuote is available to assist you with any queries or worries.

Norms starting with 582:

St. Paul, Minnesota 55164-0889, PO Box 64889. Phone: (888) 565-3769

Norms starting with 130:

St. Paul, Minnesota 55164-4036, PO Box 64036. Phone: (800) 710-9876

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AIG is a wonderful place to start if you need assistance with life insurance. Due to their excellent customer service and presence in more than 80 countries, it should be simple for them to obtain any documents or information needed in your circumstance. Ask them for a quote right away!