Affordable Life Insurance Over 60 [2022 Review]

Planning for the future and taking care of your loved ones are crucial as you age. Buying life insurance after the age of 60 is one way to achieve this.

You may learn more about the cost of life insurance for seniors over the age of 60 by reading this blog post.

The benefits of purchasing life insurance after the age of 60, the reasons to do so, the monthly cost, and where to find additional information on this subject should all be covered in that sequence.

Life Insurance For Seniors Over 60

After age 60, do I require life insurance?

Purchasing life insurance is never too late. You might be shocked by how many people over 60 are considering purchasing life insurance.

But it’s true that many people over 60 are already covered by insurance they’ve bought in the past. Moreover, keep in mind that terms expire around this time for anyone who purchased term policies in their 30s, 40s, or 50s.

Yet, those over 60 aren’t typically financially dependent on them. For instance, (Insurance for someone in their 30s).

In addition, persons in this age group may wish to get a term life insurance policy for a variety of reasons. even for 20 years. Below, we’ll discuss a few of these causes.

The issue:

The kind of life insurance you get in your 60s is just as crucial as finding affordable life insurance.

The need for life insurance is also less urgent in your sixties than it was when you were younger or when your children were still living at home because you are almost ready to retire.

Your body begins to degenerate at this age, and you might be on blood pressure or cholesterol medicine or have a health issue. Alternatively, metformin for diabetes.

The cost of coverage, in general, increases as you age, especially as you approach your 60s and 70s.

The Approach:

You need to be conscious that you will be on a fixed income when you retire at this age. You therefore want to be able to obtain the most economical and top-quality life insurance over 60 that money can buy!

Also, you must decide what you need the coverage for. Is it to cover funeral expenses? Do you prefer temporary life insurance or permanent life insurance?

Make sure you can afford the monthly premium and have peace of mind.

Best Value Life Insurance For Over 60s

The cost of more than 60 insurance plans would gradually increase. In actuality, the more money you save for retirement the earlier you get it.

The best life insurance rates for people over 60 can still be found, so it’s not too late. Finding an independent agent who is knowledgeable about where to locate the best over-60 life insurance policies is crucial.

Over 60 life insurance quotes might vary from year to year, as you can see in the table below. It is advisable to buy insurance for people over 60 NOW rather than later.

Term life insurance will provide the most financial benefit for people in their 60s. The best use of this is to pay off debts like a mortgage. In actuality, this will spare your family from suffering financially after your passing.

In addition, at the conclusion of the term or at age 70, whichever comes first, every term policy we provide to our clients can be converted.

Best Life Insurance For Over 60

Before a health issue happens, it is about time to secure over 60s life insurance after you reach your 60s. There are numerous choices, including no medical exam life insurance over 60.

Given that they require little underwriting, these policies can be quite practical. In actuality, a simple background check and a prescription check are routinely conducted. Over all, this is a great way to find inexpensive life insurance for people over 60.

The best initial course of action is to speak with a free-lance life insurance agent. You will be directed to the top life insurance quotes over 60 by this kind of expert.

Affordable Life Insurance for Seniors Over 60

It is possible to find reasonable life insurance coverage in your 60s, but you must act quickly! The cost of more than 60 insurance plans keeps rising!

Above all, it’s critical to comprehend the rate increase between 60 and 70 years old. In ten years, insurance for people over 60 will increase by 300%.

Here are the rates for a healthy male who is eligible for the best rates on a $250,000 15-year term for someone who is 60 to 69 years old.

It is evident that between the ages of 60 and 70, life insurance quotes for people over 60 dramatically increase. The monthly cost for a $250k 15-year term is $79.04 at age 60 and $230.35 at age 69.

Age has caused a 291% increase in that figure!

Also, there has never been a better time to buy life insurance for persons over 60 than right now!

Term Life Insurance For Seniors Over 60

It’s crucial to purchase term life insurance after the age of 60. When you reach this age, you want to fill in the blanks, like making sure the mortgage is paid or that your spouse will be okay in the event of your passing.

What are the greatest options for purchasing life insurance coverage for people over 60 at this time, though?

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of term life insurance for seniors over 60, which may be a terrific alternative.

Term Life Insurance Over 60

Even in your 60s, life insurance can still be reasonably priced. But you must move right away!

Benefits and Drawbacks of Buying a Term Policy in Your Sixties.


  • Affordable Premium Levels
  • Increasing Face Amounts
  • replacement of income
  • prior to the age of 70
  • Easy to Understand Drawbacks


  • surpass the term
  • No Money Value
  • Minimal Capacity for Conversion
  • As the term expires, health issues No continued coverage
  • After a term, rates rise.


Once more, the most economical approach to shield your loved ones from financial strain is to purchase a term coverage. These over 60 life insurance plans might be quite reasonable.

You will pay less for a medical exam life insurance policy because “no medical exam terms” are offered up to age 65. So, a term policy is the ideal option for you if you require the lowest price and are in good health.

Whole Life Insurance For Seniors Over 60

The likelihood is that if you are in your 60s and searching for life insurance, it will primarily be for final expenses. Your children have grown up, your mortgage is paid off, and you are now subsisting on social security or retirement income.

Usually, the only thing left to do is to make sure that your children won’t be financially burdened by you when you die away.

You should consider a last expense or burial policy if you are not purchasing a conventional whole life insurance policy. For people over 60, these are essentially little whole life insurance.

Certain firms, like AARP/New York Life, Colonial Penn, and Lincoln Heritage, may advertise burial insurance on late-night television.

These businesses should be avoided since they sell hybrid products and their prices fall short of the best ones accessible.

We can still provide you with a guaranteed issue whole life that is excellent life insurance over 60 no medical questions, even if you are or have serious health difficulties!

Whole Life Insurance For Over 60

Whole life insurance premiums can increase after the age of 60. The greatest choice, nevertheless, may be burial if it’s for last expenses.

The benefits and drawbacks of full life insurance in your 60s


  • Level Premiums Cash Value Rates Never Increase Guaranteed Death Benefit Until Age 121 Disadvantages
  • greater cost than term life
  • restricted in face amount, typically under $50,000
  • not transformable


  • More expensive than term life
  • Limited on face amount, usually less than $50,000
  • Not convertible


​If all you need the insurance for are funeral and last expenses, this kind of policy is ideal.

Reasons For Life Insurance Over 60

To Protect Their Pension, Fill The Gap!

Living long enough to collect a pension is one of the main concerns for people as they age. Moreover, life insurance policies are frequently bought to secure one’s retirement.

mostly in the event of an early death. Similarly, there are numerous affordable term insurance options available, especially for individuals over 60.

Policies will still be significantly more expensive for individuals who are older or healthier, of sure. A guaranteed universal life insurance policy might be less expensive in some circumstances.

Guaranteed universal life insurance policies without a medical exam are also more practical. In truth, getting approved for life insurance is simple, and after applying, the process may only take a few days.

The Easy Procedure of PinnacleQuote

We don’t engage in sales activity. Indeed, we oppose that. We like to inform our customers and give them the greatest choices. These choices were made based on the client’s particular characteristics. Hence, we create a life insurance policy specifically for you.

Life insurance after 60 years old

Perhaps because of a marriage

New marriages are common in those over 60. At this age, many people get remarried, whether it be after divorcing their previous spouse or perhaps after their spouse had passed away.

Seniors over 75 who are getting married frequently desire to buy life insurance to safeguard their spouse. They don’t want someone in that age bracket to cover their dying bills, after all. Costs about $10,000 in total.

Obtaining life insurance after the age of 50 can be challenging, but it is still highly likely. The average lifespan has increased significantly as a result of medical advances. So, it means that insurance companies are more likely to insure seniors. To assist secure your family, there are numerous choices, goods, and services available. You must make sure that you compare prices on life insurance. You might not be financially dependent on any young children at this age.

You want to make sure, though, that if something were to happen to you, your family wouldn’t have to bear that financial load at such a trying time.

The death benefit will be given to your family, who can then use it to pay for your funeral, settle your mortgage, or settle any outstanding credit card debt.

You’ll be able to get pointers from your independent life insurance agent. give you the greatest carrier options at the best prices.

The crucial question is when life insurance is no longer necessary. Whether or not you require it will depend on your financial condition. Most companies won’t provide you with insurance after age 85!


You’re most likely considered a high risk applicant by life insurance providers if you’re over 60. There is no justification for adding more costs that will increase your rates to these already exorbitant levels.

We’ll go through some of the steps you may take to obtain the most affordable life insurance rates below:

One of the best methods to reduce the cost of life insurance is to compare rates. There will be variations among life insurance companies’ underwritings. This implies that depending on the company, your perceived level of risk will change.

For those over 60, comparing life insurance providers is very crucial.

First, some companies will be eager to provide you with a budget-friendly coverage.

Second, whereas other businesses can simply reject your application.

Reduced insurance premiums will result from improving your general health and demonstrating it at the medical examination.

Get into the habit of exercising and eating well before applying. Additionally, there are steps you may do to lower your blood pressure and remove extra weight.


This is a difficult question that a lot of clients ask.

Around retirement age, a lot of people discontinue their insurance.

Children today are adults with their own families. You owe no money.

All things considered, it would be preferable to have a final expense or burial insurance coverage in place at this time.

As we previously indicated, you don’t want to leave your family, including your grown children, in such dire financial straits at such a trying time.

In the state of Florida, a burial typically costs roughly $10,000.

We typically advise double that amount in order to cover all funeral costs and perhaps leave a little extra for family.

For more information about final expense insurance, contact your insurance representative right away.

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Purchasing life insurance is never too late. You might be shocked by how many people over 60 are researching life insurance plans, so you should do the same! We can assist if you are unsure of where to begin or what kind of coverage would be best for your need. Start started right now by requesting a quote from us online. Call us right away, and we’ll discover an insurance that’s ideal for your circumstances.