Affordable Life Insurance For Over 40 [Rates/Guide]

Any of you who are over 40 and require life insurance should read this blog post. If you’re unsure about your requirements, we can help by providing information on the appropriate level of coverage.

We hope that this information points you in the proper path so that you won’t experience any surprises when it’s time to get a life insurance policy.

Life Insurance in your 40’s 

You’re 40?

Lack of life insurance? Your family is in jeopardy! Let’s converse!

Nobody is waiting for time!

Let’s start…

insurance in your forties…

When looking for life insurance for people over 40, it is still possible to find affordable offers.

However, prices for a 40-year term life insurance policy will begin to rise gradually since at this age, the mortality ages for both men and women—81 and 77, respectively—are within 40 years.

Moreover, a 10-year term life insurance coverage will be the least priced option. Yet it’s crucial to understand that life insurance prices vary by age!

Let’s examine the finest life insurance for people in their 40s.

You are no longer 25 years old, therefore here you are. The age of 50 is quickly approaching. The time to purchase life insurance is now, when you are still healthy and, ideally, free of any medical conditions. especially considering how long you put it off. Even if we are all guilty of it, time moves quickly. The cost of life insurance increases as you delay purchasing it. It’s time to create a financial strategy to safeguard your family.

Should I Get Life Insurance In My 40s

You shouldn’t put off purchasing life insurance until you are in your fifties because it is still affordable after the age of forty. Your best option is to apply for inexpensive term life insurance right now and acquire the best life insurance premiums.

Why? When you compare term life insurance in your 40s, there are a lot of things you may need to consider. The time to purchase affordable over 40 life insurance is actually right now.

Think about the list below:

  • Mortgage for a home
  • Any financial obligations that you don’t want your family to inherit
  • You might want to sponsor special events like weddings or graduations.
  • College costs for kids
  • Final costs (which may total around $10,000)
  • To replace your income, give the beneficiary a lump sum payment to cover funeral costs

Calculations must be made in order to determine how much life insurance to purchase because the amount varies with age. One thing is certain, though: Your family is in danger if you don’t have life insurance.

Cheap life insurance coverage are still accessible and affordable in your 40s!

Our health changes as we become older, say between the ages of 50 and 59. We are older now.

Your 20-year term policy, which would have cost you $30 per month, will now increase as you become older and experience changes in your health. Give us a call right now, and a PinnacleQuote expert will assist you in finding the most cost term life insurance.

Why You Need Life Insurance Over 40 Years Old

When you purchase life insurance in your 40s, you often have assets to safeguard. In actuality, you are not stressed about school loans at this age. But you often have a family, a mortgage, and a lot of people who depend on you financially.

Also, it’s still relatively affordable to safeguard your family. For instance, 30-year term life insurance rates are still very affordable. Purchasing term life insurance would be the most cost-effective option. In general, the quantity of coverage and term length are determined by term life insurance rates.

For instance, 45-year-old males will pay 25% less for term life insurance than those who are 49. The majority of insurance companies require a medical exam if the death benefit is greater than $100,000.

Thus, if you’re 45 years old and seeking for life insurance, you might only need a 20-year term. For instance, you will be covered until you are 65 years old and for 20 years. Above all, you are likely an empty nester at this age and won’t require as much coverage.

Furthermore keep in mind that a 45-year-old woman will pay less for life insurance than a 45-year-old man. Every life insurance company will offer different and cheaper life insurance quotations because to the variations in mortality ages.

Best Type of Life Insurance for a 40 Year Old

The least expensive options…

You must first choose between a term life insurance policy and a permanent life insurance policy if you want a long-term policy. A term life insurance policy is simpler, just covering the death benefit.

But, it is also the least expensive kind of life insurance for anyone over 40. It will provide you with short-term coverage; typically, you can select a length of coverage of 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 years.

A 40-year term life insurance policy is available from some providers.

Your entire life will be covered by a permanent life insurance policy. Moreover, permanent life insurance policies offer opportunities for building cash values.

Yet, the cost of these plans may be much higher than that of term life insurance. There are numerous types of life insurance policies to take into account.

Life Insurance Over 40 No Medical Exam

Considering mortality rates, being in the middle of the road at age 40. You shouldn’t have a health issue if you take proper care of yourself.

But the majority of folks don’t. Health issues like diabetes may sneak up on you in this decade.

Also, this is the final decade to find extremely affordable life insurance rates. In truth, underwriting is still lax and no exam life insurance is still affordable.

Some of our top no-exam carriers are listed below:

  • Sagicor ($1,000,000 Max)
  • SBLI ($500k)
  • $500k Nassau RE [Formerly Phoenix]
  • Timberland ($400,000)
  • (350k) Assurity
  • ($250k) American National
  • ($300k) Mutual of Omaha


How much does monthly insurance for those over 40 cost? is a common question we receive from clients.

To what extent is unclear.

Why? Consider it this way: The following variables will affect rates:

  • Age
  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • family background

Every person is unique.

No one size fits all when it comes to life insurance. For example, a 40-year-old will pay less than, say, a 49-year-old.

Contacting your independent agent is the best approach to find out the cost per month with the top A+ rated carrier. They will be able to assist you at every step of the way.

Life Insurance Rates for Age 40-49

The greatest rates for a $250,000, $500,000, $750,000, and $1,000,000 will be displayed below for each rate class. Also, we’ll demonstrate this for both men and women.

Who Has The Best Life Insurance Rates Over 40

  • Talk about carriers now!
  • Prudent Protective Banner Life (Great Customer Service)
  • AIG

to mention a few! Different carriers will view you in different ways. Life insurance is not a “one size fits all” product.

Your independent agent will be able to describe the distinctive qualities of each carrier, and depending on your lifestyle, age, and medical history, they will be able to determine which company is the BEST FIT, FINANCIALLY!

Best Life Insurance For A 40 Year Old Women

Life insurance is less expensive for women 40 years old than it is for men. Women do, in fact, live longer. They have a longer life expectancy. It’s possible that we are simply more powerful overall.

for a female who is generally healthy.

As insurance will never again be this affordable, now is the ideal age to think about purchasing a policy.

The charges will rise as you age.

For a female 40-year-old, entire life insurance is significantly more expensive.

The following table compares whole life and term life insurance at the lowest rates:

$500,000 face amount: a healthy non-smoker.

  • Term life with Banner Life costs $25.25 per month.
  • Whole Life with Foresters is $543.99 per month.

What is better, term or full life insurance, to answer the question?

At this point in life, term life is unquestionably preferable. WHY? Seniors are the target audience for whole life, which specialises in funeral and burial insurance.


Males over 40 will receive slightly different life insurance quotes than ladies. Rates for smokers and non-smokers.

There is a huge disparity in rates, as you can see below.

For smokers, Banner Life is the finest firm to work with because of their competitive prices.

When filling out your application, always be truthful. Very likely, you’ll be required to take a paramedical exam. Hence, a blood/urine test will reveal it.

A $500,000 life insurance coverage costs how much? Here are some quotes on life insurance:

Man smoker 40 years old rates


Guaranteed life insurance over 40 may be your only choice if you have been rejected or declined coverage due to health difficulties.

For those aged 40 to 44, two businesses provide guaranteed issue life insurance. Great Western Insurance Company is the first organisation (GWIC).

With this insurance, the beneficiaries will get graded death benefits after the first two years, during which all premium payments will be returned plus 10%. The business provides the full death benefit following the waiting time.

The second is Prosperity Life’s Prime Term 100, which consists of three questions. As long as you have not been given fewer than 24 months to live, have not been confined to a nursing home or hospice, and have not received a cancer diagnosis during the last 24 months, you are covered!!

The Great Western will cover those who are terminally sick, and there are few to no health-related questions required.

In some areas, AIG will provide you with a guaranteed issue life insurance coverage once you turn 45! Gerber then eventually, at age 50. At 50 years of age and older, the majority of GI carriers offer it.

In your 30s, there is no longer a guarantee of acceptance policy. The majority would be forced to choose an accidental death policy that excludes disease. We now have a guaranteed 5-year term that is renewable. Protection Plus is the transporter.

Here are a few illustrations of Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance for People Over 45:

Age 35, Assured acceptance, 5 year renewable term, Protection Plus Life.

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Under 40

Only a small number of companies offer guaranteed acceptance life insurance for people under the age of 40. I’ll discuss the ones I employ. In this situation, a tiered benefits regime might be more widely available.

Having said that, I disagree with insurance companies’ restrictions on these policies to those under the age of 40, even though they are predicated on mortality risks.

The carriers I use for under 40 assured acceptance are listed below:

  • CFG
  • Senior Life
  • Pekin
  • Nationwide
  • United
  • NGL

Protection plus Life has a product I consider my go-to under age 40.

  • Anyone age 18-75
  • $10,000-$50,000
  • 5 Year Renewable
  • Convertible
  • Modified Death Benefit years 1-2


Term life insurance is a very popular option! 5 Year Renewable Convertible Variable Death Benefit years 1-2

You’ve now bought term life insurance. What comes next? Here is what you need to know whether the term is 20 or 30 years. People in their 40s often choose term life insurance.

Even now, it’s still fairly possible to locate a cost-effective insurance plan that provides your family with reliable financial security. We’ll provide some advice on how to obtain the most affordable life insurance quotes for your policy below:

  • Compare Rates —Getting numerous estimates from the best life insurance providers is one of the easiest methods to reduce the cost of your life insurance. You can compare costs and possibly save a lot of money on your coverage by doing this. Affordable life insurance is available!
  • Hire An Independent Insurance Agent —Employ an independent insurance agent who can help you find the best life insurance providers that will likely provide you the greatest rates. Based on various health and lifestyle questions, your agent will advise you on the amount of coverage you should get. Together with your age, your children’s ages, your mortgage, your salary, etc. You can receive a lower price regardless of your age or medical history because they will know which firms have more lenient underwriting policies. They can help you receive the best prices possible for someone in their 40s.
  • Quit Tobacco Products —Smokers should anticipate paying 2 to 3 times more for life insurance than non-smokers. If you give up a year before applying, your charges can be slashed in half.
  • Take Measures To Improve Your General Health —Enhance Your General Health – You’ll need to obtain a physical so that the life insurance provider can determine your degree of risk, unless you choose a more expensive no medical exam policy. Certainly, you’ll want to look your best for the medical exam in order to create a good impression. Thus, improve your diet, increase your physical activity, lower your blood pressure, etc.


Don’t put off purchasing life insurance!

The cost will rise as you get older!

The price variations are listed below if you continue to put off purchasing life insurance.

​​​​Long-term care insurance a 40-year-old man

45-year-old term life insurance rates

life insurance for a male 49-year-old

As you can see above, there is a difference in life insurance rates between the ages of 40 and 49. It’s crucial to start shopping for affordable life insurance RIGHT NOW.

You are gambling with the future of your family when you put off getting life insurance because you believe you have time. And it unquestionably demonstrates that prices rise with age! JUST DO IT!

20-year term life insurance will be the most cost-effective to accomplish your goals when looking for term life insurance rates for a 45-year-old male who plans to retire at age 65.

The cost of the best life insurance for 45-year-old men and women will differ slightly, as is clear. But, 45-year-old males will need to pay extra for life insurance.

What is the least expensive form of life insurance

It has an easy solution.

At this point in life, term life insurance would be the least expensive and most cost-effective option.

Term life insurance has no cash value.

Technically, this kind of life insurance will expire before you would be anticipated to die.

But when it does, you can then renew for another term insurance policy.

Life Insurance Quotes Over 40

The time to purchase over 40s life insurance is now. As you become older, your premiums increase. By the time you’re 60 years old, rates have tripled! How do you start?

Our clients frequently begin their search for rates for State Farm life insurance on Google.

They are a great firm, but they also offer the most reasonable rates for your house and auto insurance.

In fact, they try to bundle you into a package deal rather frequently.

You’ll wind up paying even more for it.

To compare prices, I took it upon myself to request a quote from State Farm.

See below.

Examples include State Farm Insurance versus Protective and AIG.

Now, this might not seem like a significant difference. according to my metrics. 45 years old, 4’11”, 111 pounds. Non-Smoker Preference with a $500 000 face value. That amounts to an annual savings of more than $90! Today’s world includes families, life, groceries, and more. Wow a Tremendous save of $93.00!


Excellent question!

Whenever possible, we advise 40-year-olds to purchase a 30-year term insurance policy. It’s always preferable to spend more for more coverage, if you have the money to do so. A longer lifespan is a result of modern medicine. For the past few years, life insurance for seniors over 75 has become more affordable. In your 50s, you shouldn’t purchase term life insurance because the premiums will be significantly higher.

You might even want to think about getting a complete life insurance policy. You can compare whole life vs. term life insurance policies by reading about them.

The most crucial factor, however, is that you actually obtain life insurance coverage, and that you do it at the most affordable rates possible given your age and health.

There is never a bad time to purchase affordable life insurance. Stop waiting. Purchase it now, while it’s still affordable, and ideally before you are given a diabetes or other health-related diagnosis.

If you purchase an insurance when you are still young and healthy, you will save a lot of money.


I suppose the idea of dying causes many people to completely ignore the topic of life insurance.

I understand.

Who wants to discuss dying?

The truth is that you are misinterpreting the situation.

We are discussing the “living”.

the departed family members.

the family you financially support.

Your paycheck expires with you when you pass away, as was previously established. Your family has no financial support in the event of this.

They search for “go fund me” donations to pay for your funeral.

That’s all right and good.

What will happen after the expense is covered, though.

How about the mortgage, their education, their food, and living the life you had planned for them?

Life insurance provides coverage for this. even assists in clearing your outstanding student loan debt,

You must realise that choosing the greatest life insurance isn’t always a simple matter.

When is the best time to acquire it?

The time has come!

The cost of life insurance won’t be as low as it is now.

simply because rates rise as you get older.

You run a higher chance of leaving your family financially devastated in the case of your death the longer you put off getting life insurance!


The majority of people who are researching life insurance policies are over 40, which may come as a surprise to you. It could be time to purchase an insurance if you’ve been putting it off. Find out what kind of coverage is available for your budget by requesting a cost-effective quote today. If you have any inquiries or need assistance implementing your new plan, get in touch with us.


Located in Jacksonville, Florida, is PinnacleQuote. We are in Duval County, the stadium of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

For your convenience, we’re open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (EST) Monday through Friday and by appointment on Saturdays and Sundays.

I’m available every day of the week, including on weekends, and I’m accessible till midnight, yes! Midnight for my clients on the West Coast.

I am aware that life is busy.

Besides, I have a family.

As a father and fiancé, I am aware that sometimes we become so busy that we put things on hold.

But, one of those things shouldn’t be life insurance.

In life, anything is possible, including a sudden demise.

What happens to your family now?

Not only are you upset, but you’re also broke.

To discuss your needs for life insurance, give me a call right away.

I will create a policy just for you that will protect your family’s future in the event of your passing while still being cheap.

Be mindful.

If you already have a policy, you’re probably overpaying! Actually, by 20% or more! I’ll assist you in getting that cash back into your pocket, where it belongs.

Life insurance is the ultimate method to convey your love to your family.

More importantly, feel free to contact us at PinnacleQuote (855)380-3300 if you have any queries about affordable life insurance.

Final Thoughts about life insurance in your 40’s

Remember that PinnacleQuote is here to help you no matter what kind of policy you buy—Universal Life, Term Life, or Whole Life.

The seclusion of your own house is where all the beauty is. The latest favourite method for reaching your objective of preserving your family is through online life insurance.

We all lead busy lives with our children, jobs, and extracurricular activities. We can accomplish everything today with a phone, a smartphone, a tablet, or a desktop computer thanks to technology.

Even the policy signing process uses DocuSign! How amazing is that? There are some carriers who make an exception to this rule and demand a wet signature. Not to worry, they will eventually learn the art of life insurance!

PinnacleQuote is here for you if you need life insurance in Florida, New York, Texas, California, or any of the other 49 states out of the 50! We operate a virtual company! It is currently 2019!

Life insurance is handled entirely differently today than it was back when it was sold door to door, as we just discussed.

Our headquarters are in Jacksonville, Florida.

You complete the entire application over the phone. If you need a local Jacksonville life insurance agent, we will travel to you even though we are virtual all around the United States.

Nothing compares to getting to know them and assisting them in reaching their life insurance objectives!

Call us right away and let us demonstrate to you the commitment and passion that this family-run company has for you. (855) 380-3300.

The Easy Procedure of PinnacleQuote

We don’t engage in sales activity. Indeed, we oppose that. We like to inform our customers and give them the greatest choices. These choices were made based on the client’s particular characteristics. Hence, we create a life insurance policy specifically for you.