Affordable Burial Insurance In Mississippi [Feb 2023]

The southern region of the nation is where the state of Mississippi is situated. The average life expectancy in the state is 75 years, and there are more than three million residents.

Most people don’t consider the value of having burial insurance while making plans for their death. This kind of insurance aids in defraying funeral and other final expense fees.

If you live in Mississippi, you might be interested in finding an affordable choice for burial insurance. The good news is that many businesses in the state provide this kind of coverage.

We’ll discuss some of Mississippi’s top funeral insurance products in this article. We’ll also provide advice on how to purchase insurance at the lowest cost.

What is Burial Insurance In Mississippi?

Term life insurance In Mississippi, there is a specific kind of insurance that covers burial and funeral expenses. Additionally, it can assist you and your family in paying for a funeral, which can be very expensive. Mississippi doesn’t have a law requiring burial insurance, but it can be a good idea to make sure your funeral costs are covered.

Pre-need and final expense insurance are two types of burial insurance. Pre-need insurance is bought beforehand and typically pays for your funeral and burial expenses. After you pass away, you can purchase final expense insurance, which typically pays for your funeral, burial, and additional costs like travel and legal fees.

A great way to assist your family in paying for your funeral and other expenses is through burial insurance. To find the best fit, shop around and compare policies if you’re thinking about purchasing burial insurance.

How Does Burial Insurance In Mississippi Work?

In Mississippi, burial insurance functions in the same way as other types of life insurance. Every month or annually, you contribute to an account that can be accessed in times of need by paying an insurance premium. Depending on the type of policy you have chosen, the money will be used to pay for your funeral costs or other expenditures associated with your passing and the estate settlement procedure (such as probate fees).

Mississippi. Burial insurance provides the following benefits in addition to its inexpensive rates and guaranteed benefits:

  • Rate increases are never a problem.
  • Medical checks and blood testing are not necessary.
  • Compared to other varieties, the approval process for life insurance with this type is very quick.
  • Coverage amounts often vary from $2,500 to $35,000

As long as the premium payments have been made on schedule, the burial insurance coverage is still in effect.

Who needs Burial Insurance In Mississippi?

Everyone should think about purchasing burial insurance, particularly if they have children. Getting this coverage is a smart move even if you are single.

You might think about getting a policy for yourself and designating your young children or grandchildren as beneficiaries if you have either. Your family won’t have to worry about paying for your funeral if you do it this way.

What Are The Benefits Of Burial Insurance In Mississippi?

There are several advantages to burial insurance, particularly if you reside in Mississippi.

Cover Last Expense:

For your family, not having to worry about paying for your funeral or any other final expenses after your passing can be a great relief. One of the most significant advantages of life insurance is this.

Guaranteed Payments Cannot Increase:

The guaranteed payments are unchangeable and cannot at any time be altered or raised by the insurer. This means you can stop worrying about future policy issues or premium spikes.

No Medical Exam:

Burial insurance is a great choice for people who might not be eligible for other types of life insurance due to preexisting health concerns because of its low cost. Also, it is the best choice for those who already have medical issues.

Provide Peace Of Mind:

Burial insurance can provide you peace of mind because it covers the cost of your funeral, relieving your loved ones of that responsibility. It can help mourning family members feel less stressed and offer them one less item to think about during a difficult moment.

The insurance is perpetual:

If you don’t renew your life insurance coverage each year, it will expire and become invalid. When you obtain a burial policy, the coverage is in place until your death or until you cancel it.

Simple requirements:

The majority of funeral insurance policies don’t even require a medical exam to be approved. Some sorts of insurance have age restrictions, but other from that, anyone can apply.

A cost-effective option to assist your loved ones in paying for your funeral and other expenses after you pass away is through burial insurance. To find the best fit, research around and compare policies if you’re thinking about purchasing funeral insurance.

What Does Burial Insurance in Mississippi Cover?

Burial insurance often provides coverage for a number of funeral expenses, including:

  • Cost of a coffin
  • The price of a funeral
  • The price of a burial site
  • The price of grave markers and headstones
  • even more

Certain plans, like: may additionally cover extra costs

  • Defaulted obligations
  • travel costs for relatives outside of the state

The Mississippi Free Look Period

There is a ten-day free look period in Mississippi. Your insurance provider will provide you the specifics of the free look time, but it is advisable to stick to the ten-day window. You can get the length of the free look time from your insurer.

You have this amount of time to reject or terminate the insurance agreement for any reason. If you decide to cancel the policy, you will get a full refund. The insurance provider must compensate you if you decide to cancel if you have already made any payments.

Mississippi Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy in Mississippi is 75 years old, therefore if you are becoming older, you should look into higher life insurance rates. It is therefore crucial to buy life insurance from a reputable insurance company like ours because of these higher rates.

Due to their higher mortality rates, older persons are more likely to be high-risk cases. Also, because it is more challenging to qualify for term life insurance as you age, you may not be eligible. Whole life insurance is therefore your best choice.

If you are granted coverage, your rate won’t change as long as you continue to pay your payments. Choose a plan, and one of our professionals will enrol you to receive a life insurance quote. Everything will be conducted online because we are an internet insurance marketplace.

Leading Causes Of Death In Mississippi 

  • Heart Disease
  • COVID-19
  • Cancer
  • Accidents
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases
  • Stroke
  • Influenza/Pneumonia
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney Disease

What Is The Mississippi Burial Insurance Application Process?

You must first determine how much coverage you require. Costs for burial insurance (also known as final expense life insurance) range from $2,500 to $35,000.

To determine the type of coverage you require, you must complete the application. Basic details like your name, residence, birth date, and social security number will be requested on the application. The agent will contribute ideas. Your medical history will be questioned, along with whether you smoke and what drugs you take.

The insurance company will receive your application once you and your agent have finished it. Between two to five business days, the insurance company will evaluate it and decide whether or not it is accepted.

You can be eligible for Burial Insurance without having to undergo a medical exam (Final Expense Life Insurance). There is typically no need for blood or urine samples, and a few brief health questions usually cover your health history for the last three to five years. There is also no need for an EKG.

For people who suffered from cancer ten years ago or had a stroke six or seven years ago, it can be beneficial to speed up the application process.

Mississippi Life Insurance Companies

While selecting the best burial insurance company, it is essential to consider which one is ideal for you.

We don’t just hand all of our customers a guaranteed-issue policy with a waiting period and let them go. We match you with the appropriate business and price after taking into account your particular needs and health history. Which plan is ideal for you depends on your age, your health, and the goals of your family. Our highly skilled agents will take the time necessary to determine your needs and if you qualify for the best coverage.

Mississippi’s Top A-rated Burial Insurance Companies:

  • Greek Catholic Union
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Aetna
  • Liberty Bankers Life
  • American Amicable
  • Royal Neighbors of America
  • Great Western
  • Guarantee Trust Life
  • Prosperity Life

By completing our quote form, you can also see a quote for burial insurance in Mississippi. The companies listed below offer the best burial insurance without a waiting period.

Our company does not work with or recommend Lincoln Heritage or State Farm Final Expense for various reasons.

Finding the Best Mississippi Burial Insurance

Aetna Liberty Bankers Life American Amicable Royal Neighbors of America Great Western Guarantee Trust Life Prosperity Life Greek Catholic Union Mutual of Omaha

You can get a quotation for Mississippi burial insurance by filling out our quote form. The greatest no-waiting-period burial insurance is provided by the businesses listed below.

For a variety of reasons, our organisation does not collaborate with or endorse Lincoln Heritage or State Farm Final Expense.

Getting the Best Burial Insurance in Mississippi

You can choose if you want to independently contact twenty various insurance providers to request estimates, then pick which one is the most cheap based on your investigation.

Wait, there’s more: When you contact a business, the customer service worker will only give you the contact details of one of their agents so you can get a single quotation. Consumers cannot purchase competing goods from insurance providers directly. They only offer them for sale via insurance companies.

Calling each insurance provider and waiting on hold for an agent to return your call with a quote could take hours because you will be on the phone for that long. Or, a free independent insurance service, can provide you prices from many firms. For you, they will compare all of their quotes. For you to compare prices, it will take them a short while to give you all the quotes.

Do you have a better choice?

We promise that our clients receive a competitive cost because we represent so many different businesses. They value the time and money we save them by handling all the difficult tasks.

Regardless of whether you choose to use, you can work with any burial insurance provider and have free access to many final expense organisations.

Why Choose us?

There’s a good reason you found us: we’re unique. The top three reasons why we think we are a superior option for finding the ideal burial insurance policy are listed below.

  1. We only provide burial insurance; it is our area of expertise. You may be confident that we are real authorities in this area. You may be absolutely certain that when you speak with us, we are only serious about this product.
  2. We can choose from a variety of burial insurance providers because we are independent agents. We are able to offer you the best possible plan based on your demands thanks to this freedom.
  3. Our main goal is to support you and your family in doing what’s best for them. No particular insurance provider that we represent is preferred by us.


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