A Complete Guide for Low-Cost Burial Insurance for Overweight Issues [2023 Review]


Funeral expenses are a concern for everyone, but they can be particularly difficult for the families of fat people. Fortunately, people who want to save money while maintaining the dignity of their loved ones can get inexpensive burial insurance. For a comprehensive explanation, read this article!

Final Expense Insurance for Overweight Seniors

Having life insurance when you’re obese? Are you seriously worried that purchasing burial or final expense insurance will cost significantly more since your physical appearance deviates from the “cookie-cutter” body type that insurance firms often portray in their advertisements?

Are you worried about the health problems brought on by being obese, such as Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, or high blood pressure?

Or perhaps you believe that because you are overweight, no burial insurance company would want you? Let’s just put a halt to that. We completely comprehend your concerns…

Our eligible health impairment same-day coverage list includes being overweight or obese.

A Complete Guide for Low-Cost Burial Insurance for Overweight Issues [2022 Review]

Burial Insurance for overweight Seniors

Day one coverage for life insurance for obese persons. Can this be done? Get upbeat! We can confidently state that your weight will not in any way affect your application for burial or final expense insurance.

Exist any BMI criteria for life insurance? Most of the time, no. Recall that we have shopped you around to hundreds of carriers across the country. Each carrier has its own set of rules. One provider stands out with day one coverage and does not have a requirement for your height and weight in their rules. This is amazing!

No of their weight, we have assisted a lot of overweight or obese persons in obtaining affordable burial insurance coverage.

Royal Neighbors of America, a carrier with an A+ rating, doesn’t even have a build chart! Yes, you can get coverage starting today!

Yes, you’re right. regardless of the weight!

We can undoubtedly and unquestionably assist you as well!

Overweight Issues And Final Expense Insurance Companies

Many funeral or last expense insurance providers now have their own requirements for weight to height ratios.

Then there are a few insurance companies that don’t even have a weight-to-height restriction; you can weigh as much as the entire sofa (or even more) and still be eligible for the ultimate expense insurance with the lowest premiums with these companies.

Actually, there are very few funeral insurance companies that impose weight restrictions.

Many burial insurers will not punish you or charge you more if you are at the high end of their weight restriction and are terribly or morbidly overweight.

Are your parents in need of final expense insurance? We can also assist you in achieving this objective! If your parents are informed and provide their consent, we can speak with you and secure a same-day level policy for them as well.

It may seem incredible, but

There are carriers out there with no weight limits and no weight chart to follow! Absolutely none!

You might attempt to beat the record for the heaviest man ever while using these carriers and succeed! then yet be accepted for an affordable final expense insurance policy that provides immediate full protection!

By the way, 1,400 lbs. is the global record for the largest man ever.

Nothing will make it more clear than this that no one may be too overweight for a simplified burial insurance plan.

Call us to speak with one of our knowledgeable Final Expense Insurance Specialists (no pun intended)

You aren’t required to submit any form of physical or medical examination, by the way. Nobody will visit your home to try to assess your lifestyle, weight, or anything else. Only a review of prescription medications and health questions are required when applying for burial insurance.

We can absolutely assist you over the phone while you relax in the convenience of your own home.

A Complete Guide for Low-Cost Burial Insurance for Overweight Issues [2022 Review]

Underwriting Process Of Final Expense Insurance Companies For The Overweight

Insurance companies will examine your medical history and ask you questions about your health as part of the underwriting process in an effort to assess various aspects of your wellbeing.

You will be questioned by insurance companies about the following areas of your health:

  1. health-related inquiries concerning your way of life and any diseases you may have had in the past or present.
  2. history of prescribed medications evaluation.

Generally speaking: If a pre-existing disease, ailment, treatment, living circumstances, habits, types of help, etc. are inquired about, the insurer has concerns and will likely charge a higher premium for coverage.

The Topic Of Overweight In The Underwriting Health Questions

When requesting funeral insurance, you will never be asked about your weight in the health questions section.

The underwriting process for burial insurance does NOT involve life insurance companies asking about how much weight you have lost or gained over time or your most recent body mass index (BMI). Your BMI or weight gain over time have no bearing on your application for last expense insurance.

Medication For Weight Loss In The Underwriting

There isn’t a single prescription drug that can help people lose weight without raising insurance companies’ red flags. It won’t be a problem if you take any weight-loss medication that has been prescribed.

Underwriting For Gastric Bypass Surgery After Burial

Gastric Bypass Surgery In Burial Insurance Underwriting

However, some businesses will inquire as to whether you have recently visited the hospital. They won’t provide you with a simpler plan if you had gastric bypass surgery within the past 12 months and were kept overnight.

Due to the small number of businesses who will object to this, your time was wasted.

You are probably working with a subpar insurance agent or firm, which is why you are asking these questions.

As you may know, a build chart is used to determine the maximum and minimum weight requirements for life insurance.

Here is an illustration of a build chart for one of our A+ rated carriers.

Your height and weight will already be listed in the personal information area of your application, so the health questions won’t need to ask you about them.

Once more, every provider of burial or ultimate expense insurance has a build chart that they adhere to when setting under or overweight restrictions.

A Complete Guide for Low-Cost Burial Insurance for Overweight Issues [2022 Review]

These businesses frequently have strict policies against being underweight or overweight, while they expressly accept “flyweights” who are underweight and “heavyweights” who are overweight without charging them an additional fee.

All “The Biggest Loser” competitors might simply have their funeral insurance approved without paying a huge fee!

Insurance Companies WITHOUT Build Charts

Insurance Companies WITHOUT Build Charts

These firms would be able to offer a streamlined funeral insurance plan to Jon Brower Minnoch if he were still alive.

The combined weight of Jon Brower Minnoch and Carol Ann Yager can be accepted by these burial insurance carriers WITHOUT the use of construct charts, and the coverage plan will STILL BE SIMPLIFIED!

When we initially heard this, we didn’t think it could be true, yet it is!

Anyone can exceed the physical boundaries of the human body by being severely underweight or overweight and still qualify for a simplified burial coverage because there is no build chart to limit applicants’ weight.

How You Being Overweight Can Be An Issue

Even though it’s true that certain businesses won’t object if you exert the combined force of Big Show and Yokozuna, it begs the issue…

Can you manage on your own?

Are your everyday living (ADL) activities completely independent of you? These include of eating, dressing, transferring, bathing, and going to the bathroom.

Each firm will inquire as to whether you will require ADL, and if so, they will exclude you from the underwritten insurance.

Fortunately, we have access to one well regarded insurance provider who will be fine if you require help with your ADLs. Ideally, you’ll be eligible with them, but if not, you’re stuck with a “Guaranteed Issue” (GI) plan as your sole choice.

Always keep in mind that we can always find you the greatest possible burial insurance, no matter how much you weigh or whether you have other diseases or conditions that preclude you from a simplified plan.

How To Quickly Find The Best Burial Or Final Expense Insurance For Overweight Issues

When you’re worried about being overweight, the following is a COMPLETE list of the features you should be looking for in an insurance plan and the insurance provider that provides it:

  1. The insurer offering a simple plan with the lowest monthly rate.
  2. The insurance provider has the finest plans for various scenarios involving being overweight.
  3. The maximum benefit payment available under the programme will help you avoid being overweight sooner.
  4. The insurance provider does not object to the fact that you underwent gastric bypass surgery during the last 12 months (if you ever had it within that time)
  5. The fact that you require ADL assistance because you are overweight must not bother the insurance provider.

When looking for burial insurance for overweight difficulties, the insurance provider you should work with must possess the following characteristics:

  1. For the agency to have access to a wide range of insurance providers who might be able to provide the greatest coverage for the overweight issue, it must be independent.
  2. The company must employ passionate, highly qualified insurance agents who specialise in final cost or funeral insurance! not the businesses.
  3. The agency only sells the best policies from the nation’s top-rated insurance providers that have successfully weathered the test of time in the insurance market and have solid financial standing.

Who Can I Call If I Am Overweight And Need Burial Insurance

You can obtain these coverage attributes for overweight difficulties from BestBurialPolicy.com

We have successfully assisted a large number of clients with overweight issues to obtain insurance plans from the nation’s top-rated insurance providers that have withstood the test of time and industry obstacles.

With the help of our well-earned expertise of the underwriting requirements and pricing of every reputable burial or final expense insurance company that we represent, we can provide you with the finest offers, regardless of your overweight difficulties and circumstances.

We are an independent insurance firm with a staff of highly skilled Final Expense Insurance Specialists. We have access to the top-rated A+ insurance companies in the nation, and we only offer premium insurance policies with cutting-edge supplementary features that are provided at no additional cost.

We are driven by a mission to ensure that EVERYONE has access to the best last expense insurance coverage available! regardless of their health problems.

We will only get back to you with the finest alternatives for your problem with being overweight after consulting with you about your health.

We only require a little of your time so that we can learn your specifics.

Contact us right now! We pledge to conduct your interview in a straightforward, stress-free manner.

Insurance Companies WITHOUT Build Charts


Aside from the fact that it can help you save money on burial insurance, maintaining a healthy body weight is crucial for many reasons. We have some excellent news if you have been having trouble finding a cheap policy due to your size. To be able to afford life and ultimate expense benefits, you do not need to put your health or future financial prospects at risk. We provide overweight individuals with affordable premiums that don’t involve medical underwriting!