The Truth About Burial Insurance for Cigar Smokers [2023 Review]


What do you enjoy doing the most when you’re not puffing on a cigar? If it’s like mine, it’s probably something that people would describe as “fun.” You can now live life to the fullest without worrying about what will happen after death, so take use of this opportunity. I’m referring to inexpensive funeral insurance for cigar smokers.

You don’t want to spend your final hours worrying about how large of a hole this will make in your money account. Let me assist you in obtaining reasonable rates so you can relax knowing that, if you pass away while sipping one of my beautiful cigars, at least we will know where the money went.

Safe travels.

Final Expense Insurance For Cigar Smokers

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Does smoking cigars affect life insurance rates?

You either smoke cigars or have decided to stop, and now you’ve made the decision to purchase a burial or final expense insurance coverage. Most likely, you took this action to ensure the family’s mental stability.

We salute you for your love and selflessness!

You’re on this website because you want to purchase a low-cost, high-quality burial insurance plan. Right?

Why does life insurance cost more for smokers?

Simply said, smokers have a greater mortality rate than nonsmokers. It is no secret that cigarette and nicotine addicts pay approximately twice as much for final expense coverage for their burial than non-users do.

Not to mention the potential rise in cancer cases.

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Life Insurance For Cigar Smokers

Do those who smoke cigars qualify as smokers? Some insurance providers misrepresent cigar smokers as NON-TOBACCO users. Holy crap! Amazing! Is it not?

“Are you serious, man?” “Cigar smokers as not using tobacco?” How is this possible? You query.

Yup! And we’re not just making things up! wink This is pretty much how they reacted.

Do you ask “Who”?

The innumerable cigar smokers and ex-smokers we have assisted in finding the most affordable burial or final expense insurance plan throughout the years!

Now it’s your chance to find the most affordable insurance plan.

What Happens If You Start Smoking After You Get Life Insurance

What Happens If You Start Smoking After You Get Life Insurance

good news There will be no events. If you start smoking after you’ve committed to a policy, it’s OK. It’s okay if your health situation changes.

Tobacco use and final expense insurance companies

The good tidings

In reality, companies that provide burial or final expense insurance classify cigar smokers as non-tobacco users.

Additionally, some businesses view infrequent cigar smokers as non-tobacco users.

Additionally, some insurance companies simply inquire about smoking. You can honestly say that you have never smoked a cigarette if you only ever smoke cigars.

Once more, you can pretend to not use cigarettes because the word “tobacco” was omitted from the question

All of this implies that you will be offered insurance plans at premium rates, just like non-smokers, if you smoke cigars.

This entails the lowest cost and immediate insurance coverage beginning on day 1; this sort of plan is typically referred to as “simple,” “preferred,” or “level.” For the sake of this article, use the name as it is.

We are aware of how strange these clauses sound, but please read on to learn why.

Another encouraging development is the fact that last expense insurance policies never call for physicals or medical examinations.

I have horrible news.

The only bad news is that if you smoke cigars frequently, you put your health at risk and reduce your chances of finding burial or final expense insurance at a bargain price.

Cigar Use In The Underwriting Process Of Final Expense Insurance Companies

As with any burial or final expense insurance, an underwriting procedure must be completed in order to be eligible for the lowest rate with instant coverage.

Companies that provide final expense insurance use cigars throughout the underwriting process

Can I fess out about smoking for insurance? You may already be aware that answering health-related questions and having your past prescription drug history reviewed are both part of the underwriting process for final expenditure insurance providers.

Remember that insurance providers will inquire about your history and present health conditions in addition to your tobacco use (if you have any).

In conclusion, in order to determine the type of insurance plan they may provide, final expense insurance providers will unquestionably make an effort to evaluate every area of your health and medical background.

Insurance providers will inquire about the following throughout the underwriting process:

  1. Questions concerning lifestyle, ailments of the current and past, and of course tobacco usage.
  2. history of prescribed medicationsWhat Happens If You Start Smoking After You Get Life Insurance

Let’s focus On The Possible Ways You Can Pass Off As A Non-Tobacco User While Being A Cigar Smoker.

In the course of the underwriting process, organisations that provide burial or final expense insurance frequently ask applicants about their usage of tobacco.

Here is the most frequently asked query about nicotine and cigarettes from numerous insurance providers.

Have you used nicotine or tobacco in any way during the previous 12 months?

Analyzing the question, it was clear that both nicotine and cigarettes were discussed. You must say “yes” if you use any product with it.

The following is a list of typical items with tobacco and nicotine that insurance take into account:

  1. Smoking cigarettes and cigars
  2. Vaping, smokeless cigarettes, and e-cigarettes
  3. tobacco patches
  4. tobacco gum
  5. anything that includes tobacco or nicotine in any form or quantity.

What happens if you tell an insurance company you smoke? You should honestly respond “yes” if you have used these goods in any way, shape, or quantity.

“Currently, there are insurance firms

that do not strictly prohibit the use of cigars.”

Burial Insurance Cigar Smoker Underwriting Questions

Here are a few questions from various last expense insurance providers that you might answer in order to be labelled as a non-tobacco user.

“Have you smoked cigarettes in the past 12 months?” Alternatively, “How many cigarettes do you smoke each day?”

You can choose to answer “no” or “none” if you pay close attention to the question because it did not specifically mention cigars, tobacco, or nicotine.

You can respond “no” to this question even if you’ve been smoking cigars like a chimney for the previous 12 months.

“Apart from the occasional cigar, have you used tobacco in any way in the past 12 months?”

Occasional Cigar Smoking Life Insurance

Cigar smokers can readily respond yes to this question, but it may first confuse them.

However, if you only occasionally smoke a cigar, you should consider what it means.

Insurance companies typically define occasional cigar consumption as no more than 12 smokes in the previous year. Therefore, you must answer yes if you smoked more than 12 cigars in the previous 12 months.

How To Find The Best Burial Or Final Expense Insurance For Cigar Smokers At The Lowest Cost

Essentially, the underwriting questions that address tobacco or nicotine use—and may not always specifically include “cigars” or their frequency of use—are the key to identifying the lowest cost final expense insurance.

The implication of this is that you or your insurance agent must have access to insurance providers who do not vigorously flag cigar smokers.

Our knowledge is useful in this situation.

We at are experts in the underwriting requirements and procedures of the leading insurance providers in the nation that can provide the most affordable rates for cigar smokers.

Cigar Smoking And Life Insurance

Above all, we can definitely tell you which company will allow you to enjoy cigars while passing yourself off as a non-tobacco user.

The founder has been in business for over 26 years and is accredited in 49 states. When it comes to burial or final expense insurance, we only represent the top-rated A+ insurance providers in the nation.

We are a group of knowledgeable final expense insurance specialists that have assisted countless consumers who smoke cigars or have previously smoked cigars in obtaining the top insurance coverage attainable.

We only require a little of your time so that we can learn your specifics.

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What Happens If You Start Smoking After You Get Life Insurance


You’re covered by us! A burial insurance policy is made to lessen the financial burden of a funeral for your family. Additionally, it can help cover unforeseen costs for things like cremation or transportation.

If you smoke cigars frequently and need low-cost life insurance, we’ve got some terrific solutions particularly for you! Get a quote right away to start defending yourself against the potential future expense of paying for a dignified, cost-effective funeral for a loved one.