2022 Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Review [With Rates]


No Lincoln Heritage life insurance is available from us. In fact, we frequently replace these policies!

From its founding in 1963, Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company has been a modest, family-run business. They only offer final expense insurance, and since their products enable your loved ones to cover funeral costs without having to contribute financially, they are unquestionably a wise investment.

This review is intended to educate elders before they buy this product.

Who is Lincoln Heritage

Selling last expense life insurance is the company’s area of expertise, and Lincoln Heritage is situated in Phoenix. This kind of plan is best for individuals who won’t need the money anymore and want to save their survivors from being left penniless or in a worse financial situation after they pass away because it has no benefits until you die.

With the exception of New York, Lincoln Heritage exclusively offers these kinds of plans countrywide.


  • In New York, Lincoln Heritage is unavailable.
  • Many Millions of Policyholders
  • Everything they sell is final expense insurance.
  • is a member of the 1963-founded Londen Insurance Group, which is based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Pros and Cons of Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance


  • There are no medical tests necessary, and
  • they provide $100K per accident in death benefits!
  • Also, membership in the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society is offered; this organisation can assist your beneficiaries with everything from funerals to their financial future.


  • Other businesses offer term or whole life insurance with amounts substantial enough to support your family following your passing. Lincoln Heritage, however, only provides final expense plans and
  • The maximum coverage level is $20K, which isn’t the most reliable option when calculating how much protection should be provided over the course of a lifetime.
  • Since their financial incentives aligned directly towards insurance sales, agents may also be motivated by obtaining a commission from selling top-of-market goods, which makes them biassed towards recommending more expensive solutions over less expensive alternatives.
  • It’s important to know that Lincoln Heritage paid out death claims totaling slightly under $200 million in 2019.

Typical inquiries include the following:

Is Lincoln Heritage a pyramid scheme?

In addition to being trustworthy, Lincoln Heritage provides outstanding assistance to those across the country who require funeral insurance. Lincoln Heritage should never be compared to a pyramid scheme or unlawful “scam” since that would be unfair!

Is Funeral advantage a legitimate company?

Last Cost Insurance from Lincoln Heritage has an A+ rating from the BBB, no health check is necessary, and they provide a simple qualifying that meets your needs.

What Plans Does Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Offer

Lincoln Final expenditure coverage is the only life insurance policy that Heritage offers. Neither term nor index universal life insurance are provided.

Because it involves health questions like other plans do, you can provide the firm your information online, but you’ll need an agent to visit your home to get a price. They also provide coverage for cremations and funerals.

Lincoln Heritage is a business that works hard to ensure that you receive your money as soon and securely as possible. The majority of claims are supposedly reimbursed within 24 hours, but THIS IS FALSE!!! Moreover, that is NOT stated anywhere in their contract!

Once more, we feel that these provided plans are exorbitant and a gimmick. There are a lot better alternatives available.

What Riders Are Available

For your convenience, Lincoln Heritage Insurance provides a single rider, but if you prefer more than one option, you can customise your coverage with only one phone call.

Lincoln Heritage Accidental Death Rider

Accident insurance is essential for each family, according to the Lincoln Heritage Accidental Death Rider.

Make sure your accidental death insurance covers up to $100K in payouts this year by paying an extra premium. With this rider, your loved ones will instantly receive additional payment from the insurance they put into all those years ago if you pass away as a result of a covered accident (or even just some injuries!)

Note: We can locate you a stand-alone ADD policy for $100,000 for $9.95/month, which is 60% less expensive than the rider from Lincoln Heritage!

How Good Is Lincoln Heritage Customer Service

A business called Lincoln Heritage uses independent contractors to promote its insurance products. Call 800-438-7180 to get in touch with customer care, which is open from 6 am to 5 pm MST on weekdays and from 6 am to 2 pm MST on weekends (whichever comes first).

Using the Lincoln Heritage portal, where you can view policy details and obtain necessary documents for modifications if required, policyholders can also manage their accounts online.

Lincoln Heritage Customer Complaint Index Score

The outside world is challenging. Your insurance providers and you both need to be prepared for anything!

Lincoln Heritage’s individual life complaint ratio in 2020 was 1.40, which was much higher than that of their competitors in the same sector. This indicates that compared to other insurers who provide comparable services but at lower rates or quality levels, they received more complaints from customers about this product line.

Not much better than SelectQuote, another company.

I would seek elsewhere if you’re looking for coverage for your parents.

Crucial information: Lincoln Heritage received more complaints than its competitors; in fact, during the past three years, this has been MUCH WORSE than average.

What is Lincoln Heritage Ratings

Strong ratings are given to Lincoln Heritage. Lincoln was assigned an A (Outstanding) score by AM Best, a credit-rating service that focuses on insurance businesses for its comments on their financial stability and ability to fulfil policy commitments.

What is Lincoln Heritage Policy Cancellation

You have a 10-day free look period with Lincoln Heritage during which you can choose whether or not to cancel your policy. But to avoid any surprises down the road, make sure you properly read all those legal paperwork before signing them.

Lincoln Heritage Rates Comparison

Unlike your typical business, Lincoln Heritage is unique. They want personal information from you and make you wait before providing you with a price, but when it comes to monthly costs, they are more expensive than average for adults in good health who also want coverage for their automobiles.

You can still be eligible for life insurance if you identify as nonbinary. Lincoln Heritage could not be the company to satisfy all of your objectives, though, if your application is outdated and constrictive as a result of a lack of gender awareness in underwriting procedures.

Vital Information: Lincoln Heritage costs 30% to 100% more than rival brands. There are far better options!

How Does Lincoln Heritage Line Up Against The Competition

Compared to its rivals, Lincoln Heritage is a far more expensive life insurance provider! Although term and universal coverage choices offer families excellent security at larger levels, we compared it to Mutual of Omaha, another choice for the best-in-class organisations that sell ultimate expense insurance.

Final Conclusion

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance wouldn’t hurt if you wanted to be sure your loved ones were cared for in the event of anything. There are, however, FAR BETTER options.

They are wildly pricey even though they offer a basic policy with $20K in coverage and don’t demand any medical examinations!

We advise you to look around for an option; you’ll be happier. Even prepaid plans are preferable.