2022 Guide to Medical High-Risk Life Insurance


Most likely, you’re wondering how life insurance relates to the future. This is a really good query! You don’t, after all, intend to pass away tomorrow, do you?

The truth is that your requirements could alter over time, and peace of mind today might come from being ready for potential hazards in the future. It’s never too early to begin considering these issues, so allow me to explain how 2022 Guide to Medical High-Risk Life Insurance can be of assistance.

Life Insurance For High-Risk People ​

Notably, it seems reasonable that healthy persons have easier access to affordable term life insurance.

It’s crucial to understand that impaired risk life insurance is our specialty at PinnacleQuote. We therefore have a life insurance provider that specialises in it for any pre-existing ailment. High-risk insurance is another term for a substandard risk classification.

Also, people who are deemed to be at a higher risk will find it difficult. Those who don’t necessarily maintain optimal health or those who engage in a “high-risk lifestyle” should anticipate paying less for life insurance due to their impaired risk.

To put it another way, they’ll probably have to make do with a high-risk life insurance policy. Yet, the most popular policy for high-risk term life insurance for those in their 40s and 50s is a 20-year term life policy.

The type of life insurance policy you can get depends on a variety of factors. This covers, for instance, your employment, family background, medical history, if you smoke, etc.

All of them are taken into account when determining your pricing, or “health rating”!

Also, each carrier has a different set of underwriting standards, so choosing the correct independent agent or high-risk life insurance broker is crucial.

Danny Ray, the creator of PinnacleQuote, stated, “We Specialize In High-Risk Life Insurance.”

What is Considered High Risk Insurance

In most circumstances, a consumer who is high risk is one who wants to get life insurance for pre-existing problems or for those who are difficult to insure.

These plans are referred to as “Hard to Place Life Insurance” since you have to present this type of profile to a specialised insurer that is understanding of the health issue. They are regarded as life insurance companies with impaired risk.

What is Impaired Insurance?

In general, acquiring life insurance with health issues is similar to getting auto insurance for a young driver or someone who has had too many incidents where they were at fault. The term “high-risk car insurance” would apply to this.

The same is true of life insurance, though. In reality, working with a specialist who can match you with the appropriate carrier at the appropriate cost is crucial.

Is It Possible To Get Life Insurance For High Risk Seniors

The main factor affecting rates when looking for life insurance for seniors is health. In truth, the medical issues current and past will be taken into account when applying for life insurance at certain ages.

Your best chance of finding affordable life insurance for seniors will come from speaking with an impaired risk specialist.

What Is Substandard Risk Life Insurance

You must speak with a seasoned life specialist or life insurance broker, such as PinnacleQuote, while applying for a high-risk policy or medical high-risk life insurance.

the most. To locate the desired risk life insurance business, you need an independent agent that is knowledgeable about all life insurance risk categories.

Choose a carrier that specialises in seizures, for instance, if you suffer seizures and are seeking for life insurance with epilepsy.

A high-risk person can obtain life insurance in the same way a high-risk motorist can. As previously mentioned, being in excellent health is equivalent to having a spotless driving record.

Similar to how life insurance companies assess a person’s health, auto insurance companies assess drivers.

In addition, high-risk life insurance and high-risk vehicle insurance both charge extra for the risk. Additionally, some car and life insurance providers also consider a person’s credit score.

These are a few considerations for understanding the risk assessment for an individual.

How Do I Find High Risk Life Insurance Brokers

At PinnacleQuote, we have access to more than 30 life insurance companies that specialise in life insurance for any impaired risk. Shopping at high-risk life insurance firms is crucial, thus.

Above all, we have a carrier that will offer you the most economical high-risk life insurance accessible, regardless of your health condition.

Also, this means that you won’t get a lower cost with a better carrier for the high-risk consumer. You must try, since it will only serve to support our price.

We Are Nationwide High Risk Life Insurance Agents

You should work with impaired risk life insurance brokers if you have a high-risk employment, health condition, or hobbies. These are not your neighbourhood Allstate or State Farm with windows and storefronts selling life insurance.

Even while these corporations are great for homes and cars, they are terrible for living. Thus, many businesses are mismatched to this clientele since they frequently turn down high-risk customers.

Only high-risk life insurance companies will be presented to you as possibilities by a PinnacleQuote Independent agent. These companies will, above all, give you the best opportunity to find affordable life insurance coverage.

Being connected to high-risk life insurance companies is crucial when looking for a life insurance coverage.

Is Affordable High-Risk Life Insurance Possible

It is, indeed.

If you have a history of health problems and are looking for affordable coverage, the insurance provider will view you as a high risk customer. In fact, you might only be able to receive subpar impaired risk life insurance if you have multiple health problems.

Working with an impartial agent who is knowledgeable about any health problems is crucial. In general, senior high-risk life insurance should be as inexpensive as feasible.

So, it’s important to work with impaired risk life insurance experts like those at PinnacleQuote.

What Is Impaired Risk Life Insurance

It’s crucial to understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach when looking for life insurance. Above all, getting the wrong policy from the wrong carrier might cost you a significant amount of your hard-earned money.

In general, you should search for high-risk life insurance providers who focus on your impairment.

We would shop you around to the following high-risk life insurance companies:

  • Defending Life (Heart Impairments)
  • AIG/American General (Bi-Polar, Diabetes, Asthma)
  • Sleep apnea/Cigar and smokeless tobacco, or ANICO

There are now many more that will provide coverage for specific high-risk health conditions. Make sure to inquire about them from your PinnacleQuote Independent agent.

What Is Impaired Risk Life Insurance

When the insurance provider views you at a larger risk than your contemporaries, you are eligible for impaired risk life insurance. This can be a result of your job, your interests, or your health. Generally, they won’t change the death benefit, but they will raise the cost.

They will review your medical history and require you to undergo a medical checkup when it comes to health-related issues. Moreover, guaranteed issue is a coverage you can get no matter your health if you have severe health difficulties.


Some insurance companies are more liberal than others when it comes to certain medical conditions. According to the preceding clause, the insurance underwriter at each insurance company calculates your level of risk.

For instance, because an evaluation was within range, certain carriers may classify your diabetes as being well-managed.

Also, other carriers could assign your diabetes an unsatisfactory rating or table rating because they believe it is poorly treated.

Talking to an independent agent who is informed about life insurance companies for impaired risk is crucial for this reason.

The key is collaborating with a PinnacleQuote agent. He will be aware of the least expensive carrier. Actually, a PinnacleQuote representative will give you the finest product for your unique health scenario.

Many risky life insurance, health impairments, and impaired risk life insurance underwriting instances that we have successfully handled include:

More About Life Insurance For High Risk Individuals

Above all, the life insurance company may charge you a flat extra on your insurance premium if you are a risk-taker and engage in dangerous hobbies. This is referred to as a unique risk at times.

The carrier will charge an additional price every $1000 of coverage when adding a flat extra. In essence, this means that you pose a greater risk than the rest of us.

A life insurance company might also give you a yearly flat-rate supplement. Depending on the health, 3-5 years in some circumstances. This typically applies to cancer patients who have recently finished their treatment and yet have a risk window open.

How do I Save Money on my High-Risk Life Insurance Quote

via a call to us!

There are various ways that PinnacleQuote can help you save a lot of money. Several high-risk life insurance companies are our friends!

Would High-Risk Life Insurance Be Necessary?

Above all, despite being regarded as high risk, we know how to focus on the best solution. Due to their better financial strength, we exclusively collaborate with A.M. Best superior rated businesses.

We can assist you in the following ways:

  • First, we make contact with a number of insurance providers in order to compare pricing and coverage for you.
  • Second, knowing which businesses, based on your particular lifestyle, might not view you as a high risk.
  • Third, saving you the time it would take you to call each of these businesses.

More On Life Insurance for High-Risk Seniors

As you age, your body begins to naturally degrade. In actuality, above the age of 65, inferior impaired risk life insurance becomes much more prevalent.

Furthermore, this occurs more frequently for life insurance policies older than 75. You are approaching the mortality age at this age. At this age, life insurance for older citizens with high risk becomes highly expensive.

Age-related health issues that are common:

Remember that impaired life insurance is PinnacleQuote’s area of expertise. Please discuss any health issues you are experiencing with us.

Some of these won’t be covered by the regular rate that businesses provide dependent on the circumstance. Several criteria are taken into account by these carriers while processing life insurance applications.

A dangerous employment, certain medical issues, and impaired risk life insurance will all classify you as high-risk, which will increase the cost of your premium payments.

But keep in mind that you are purchasing peace of mind. You don’t want your loved ones to struggle to cover your final costs out of pocket in the event of your passing.


Examples of high medical risk or special risk life insurance are shown below:

Customers who fall into one of these groups are likely to be high-risk life insurance applicants.

Furthermore, it will be difficult for seniors over 75 to obtain life insurance due to these disabilities. Yet, if you’re a high risk, you’ll pay more for life insurance at any age.

“Our Expertise Is Economical High-Risk Life Insurance” — Danny Ray, PinnacleQuote’s founder


So as not to repeat ourselves, let’s concentrate on the health conditions that will have the most impact on rates.

The good news is that these will typically have little to no impact on your life insurance prices.



Standard/Standard Plus tariffs may be allowed for these.


  • Crohn’s illness
  • Coronary artery disease and other heart conditions (CAD)
  • Transplants of organs
  • Cancers in the Past
  • Renal disease
  • Use of drugs

In these circumstances, obtaining life insurance would be regarded as substandard or declining.

What is a risk and how is risk determined in life insurance

What about dangerous jobs?

Numerous of these might be rather clear. any work where you could risk losing your life.

For instance, this includes occupations that demand the use of a pistol, the wearing of extensive protection gear, and working at heights.

Travel to places that are thought to be high-risk (the US State Department maintains a list of dangerous places to visit), etc.

Then there are your high-risk non-medical cases, on which we also concentrate. Why is this important?

All of them are in fact high-risk life insurance clients who might have dangerous jobs or risky pastimes like skydiving or motorised racing.

In addition, they must pay higher rates than the average person.

Life Insurance For Those At High Risk…

Life insurance for HIGH-RISK OCCUPATIONS

It is crucial to speak with an independent agent who is experienced with high-risk life insurance rates for risky jobs if you work in a hazardous occupation or profession.

These are dangerous vocations that expose the main provider of income to risk every single day. The hazards of the profession are worth it if you have the correct insurance with a guaranteed death benefit because your family will be safeguarded.

Below are some examples of situations involving hazardous jobs or pastimes:

  • Private aircraft and private pilots
  • dives deeper than 100 feet
  • Loggers/Lumberjacks
  • Commercial fishermen, for instance, those operating lobster boats

Simply said, for individuals with medical conditions, a drug habit, or any other risk factors, we have seen the greatest term and whole life insurance solution.

Above all, if you want rates on high-risk life insurance for dangerous jobs, you MUST speak with an independent agency. They will locate the top high-risk life insurance options for you.

More on Life Insurance for High Risk Occupations

These are some of the professions that will result in high-risk rates from the insurance provider.

Police officers protect us. Yet, some jobs place individuals in greater danger than others. For instance, an officer on SWAT has a riskier duty because they are breaking down doors to try to capture violent criminals.

Another career option is skyscraper window cleaning. You are aware of the people standing on the scaffold several levels above the ground. They would now fall under the risk category.

There are numerous others, including logging and offshore drilling. The carrier would rank you differently as a result of these. Therefore make sure to speak with a life insurance agent who specialises in impairment risk.

What Is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

In the worst case scenario, you can still receive insurance!

Last but not least, contact us as we provide guaranteed life insurance coverage. A term life insurance plan is available, as opposed to a more expensive and rigid permanent life insurance plan.

But we also advise making every effort to have a better lifestyle.

No physical examination is needed. No inquiries about health.

Life insurance with no exam—period!

For instance, maintaining a nutritious diet, working out frequently, and giving up bad habits like smoking. The last decade you will be able to purchase life insurance at the most affordable rates is in your 30s.

Even if you’re searching for life insurance following a DUI or another type of high-risk life insurance. In conclusion, the last decade before premiums start skyrocketing is when you buy life insurance in your 50s.

Term Life Insurance For High Risk Consumers

According to our experience, depending on the types of risks, the way you go about looking for a quote or policy may be really important in acquiring the ideal insurance.

For instance, there are some situations in which we advise a Term Life Policy rather than a Permanent Life Policy since it may help to increase the possibilities among companies vying for the organisation and keep costs low for those deemed hazardous.

We collaborate with more than 50 life insurance providers through PinnacleQuote. Call us to learn out which carriers will see you most leniently. Many are well recognised for how they handle “risky” instances of people with previous conditions.

You can choose only the best policy for you specifically by using PinnacleQuote to find the best variety of possibilities.

Who Are The Best Impaired Life Insurance Providers

Are you trying to find high-risk life insurance?

Whether it is a high-risk whole life insurance policy or a term policy. Calling on an independent agent will help you save time, money, and a lot of frustration.

The top carriers that we suggest are listed below. But keep in mind that each carrier will evaluate each person uniquely based on their health, way of life, and, of course, their past.

The top providers of high-risk insurance are:

  • AIG
  • Banner Life
  • Prudential
  • Protective

Only a handful of our favourites who provide life insurance are listed here.

These are the top high-risk life insurance providers in our opinion.

Lifestyles And High-RIsk Life Insurance

Nobody wants to think that they will die. Although it’s a bad idea, you have no choice but to act on it because it’s a risky choice.

If you were to pass away, would it not be difficult for your survivors to maintain the same standard of living?

Most likely not!

By definition, accidents are unintended. Therefore start coming up with a plan now to protect your loved ones in the future.

Being high-risk is acceptable, but it also means you should speak with seasoned brokers who are familiar with the many insurance coverage alternatives.

An agent from PinnacleQuote has a lot of expertise working with high-risk applicants, and our research shows that we will battle to get you approved for coverage.

Instead of wasting your time on the phone calling numerous businesses, let us handle the majority of the job for you.

Is high-risk life insurance available? contact PinnacleQuote’s founder, Danny Ray, right away…


We at PinnacleQuote can put you in touch with the best life insurance providers.

We are aware of the carriers who will provide you with competitive high-risk quotations. We guarantee the life insurance provider that best suits your demands after gathering your data and estimating your budget.

You’ll probably get a physical once we put you in touch with the best life insurance provider so that they can learn more about your health. But, obtaining life insurance is still doable without a physical.

Although it’s simple to put off getting life insurance, it’s actually very important to have it, especially for people who are regarded as high risk.

After acquiring a reliable life insurance policy, you’ll be glad to know that your family is being sufficiently protected. primarily in opposition to your debts and final costs.


We deal with dangerous life insurance clients on a daily basis, therefore we are aware of the best way to present your risk favourably.

We all receive information about you, such as what illnesses, interests, or jobs are deemed risky by you.

A list of your drugs will also be given to the underwriter, so we start there. We’ll take it to the insurance companies to see which one will provide you the greatest rate for your circumstance.

We fully understand that a “Quick Quote” is a preapproval from the life insurance provider if necessary, and we provide that together with the application form to move it along fast and easily.

Finding reliable high-risk life insurance

A person will be categorised as a high risk by the life insurance companies if they have a specific way of life or health condition that increases their likelihood of dying before an average lifespan.

The insurance provider will now charge substantially more than before for that man to get a specific life insurance plan because there is an increased risk involved.

Many people believe that being classified as risky automatically means that you have no other chance of getting regular or premium life insurance rates, or even being able to receive life insurance in any form.

Hence, the plain truth is that high-risk people can help you find affordable life insurance.

One of the most important things you should do is work with a life insurance expert who can see opportunities and can undoubtedly assist with all kinds of policy-related tasks.


Founder and independent agent Danny Ray

PinnacleQuote is available to you first. Put an end to looking around for risky insurance brokers!

Second, our first priority is keeping your family safe.

Finally, we can assist in connecting you with the top life insurance providers and locating the most affordable coverage for you.

The bottom line is that working with us WILL save you a tonne of frustration, time, and energy.

Although PinnacleQuote is situated in Jacksonville, Florida’s Duval County, I serve clients all across the country. I guard families well. Even after more than 25 years, this remains my passion.

We run a family-owned firm, and my fiancée, Lisa, and I work side by side.

She manages our marketing and advertising. She is also our expert on final expenses.

If you’re seeking for life insurance agents who specialise in every high-risk impairment and have years of experience, then. Call now!

Do not hesitate to call (855) 380-3300 if you have any questions.

Life insurance: One last opportunity to declare your love.


For individuals who are in good health and are independent, it is ideal. We can assist you if you want to learn more about the many types of life insurance.

We will demonstrate how to use our very own online application process to acquire a quote on your particular scenario at any time. By clicking here, you can start saving money today!

The Easy Procedure of PinnacleQuote

We don’t engage in sales activity. Indeed, we oppose that. We like to inform our customers and give them the greatest choices. These choices were made based on the client’s particular characteristics. Hence, we create a life insurance policy specifically for you.